Being Yourself Is The Best <3

So what's up guys, it's been awhile since I have been posting story's. I hope everyone's doing just fine XD
Well, as you can see from my title, I would like to share a little bit bout "how to be happy just by being yourself" <3As you all know, teenagers are really into socializing on social medias. Therefore, they prefer to be what others like & what they dislike. Being happy because of doing what you love is the most precious gift ever. Okay cut to the chase I will describe how to be happy just by being you :-)1. NEVER let the choice of others be the choice of yours
    Stop listening to what people wants you to do or wear. You have your own choice & do what you love. What people think about you doesn't matter as long as you're being yourself & doing what you love. Let them be & live your life, you deserve more than anything ;)2. Be confidence
    "You're beautiful just the way you are" every girl deserved to be call…

ARGS 45th International Day ( 9TH APRIL 2016)

Hello lovelies, I'm sorry for not being really active lately. I was so busy with my study. So i came back with a juicy story. It was my first time performance for ARGS 45th IUDAY 2016, Interact club. I can't describe the awesome, IUDAY. I watched all the videos & I'm proud to be an interacter. A really big thank u to all my senior interacters, without u there will be no IUDAY for us. We worked so hard to success this event. Thank u to all the peoples that came for our IUDAY. The dances was so WOW, the choirs was AMAZING. I will be sharing videos & picture



5 minutes to turn a Bad Day into a Good day!

Hello I'm back with a cool tips how to turn your bad day to a good day .So, basically everyone has a bad day & they don't know how to turn it into a good day. Their are 6 tips how to calm your self & make your bad day into your wonderful day. 
5 minutes to turn a Bad Day into a Good Day. PET YOUR PET             The next time your friend or siblings does something to make u mad, don't let them ruin your good              day just like that . Don't try to lose yourself in video games, trust me it will make u fell worst. Instead,             cuddle & play with your dog / cat , it will help you to become more relaxed.
    2.  START COUNTING               You were just blamed for something u didn't do & u just want to scream. You are just so mad.               A better idea? Counting? Let say, try taking a deep breath and start counting until 20. Count it               slowly it will make u feel better. It really surprised me how much it helps.      3…

My Primary Graduation :'')

Hello viewers, I'm back with a really meaning full story about me & my primary school.
As u guys know my primary school is SJK(C) Chung Hwa (P) . I been in that school for 6 years & I have a lot of meaning full memory but my graduation memory will always be my special's. That school is like my second house & all the teachers are like my second mom & dad. How could I not be sad knowing that I will leave that school. Maybe, my secondary school is beside my primary school & maybe i will visit there everyday but it will never be the same. All of the teacher teach me until my UPSR.  After the UPSR's over, I will never forget, how happy we were. 
I graduate on 20/ 12 / 2015, to be honest I miss them already. I watch our performance video over & over. Thinking about all the memory together. It really touched my heart. Sometimes, i feel like crying. I will show u guys some of the picture when I graduated.So hope u guys enjoy my graduation story, for more pic…

Make Up Class By 4U2.

Hi make up lovers, I have good news, 4U2 cosmetics Malaysia just had a makeup class for kids & teens. The program was so fun & amazing. They are teaching how to do basic & simply make ups for kids. 
For me, i guess 90% girls love make up & u can't find yourself the right make up, . They have the make up set that u are looking for. Check their facebook page for more info 4U2 Cosmetics Malaysia. or maybe check the "Ways To Contact"  If you guys thought that we only organised 1 program, don't worry we are doing more program soon. So stay update on my blog & check out all of the girls who join 4U2 program. 
Stay updated ,hope you guys enjoyed ,. Hope u guys are interested on it and also Share them to your makeup kinda friends they will be pleased . Till we meet again.

 Ways To Contact 1. Facebook- Addiena Aswad 2. Instagram ( Direct Message)- a.ddienaa 3. Wechat-Addiena_10

Pretty Pretty Eye Lens (Clearance)

Hello Viewer Lovers! Im back with good news for contact lens lover! I want to clear all stock lens with selling low price. if u purchase 3 item free postage and get a free gift from me. This lens originally from korea. Can use it for 1 - 3 month with proper care handling. The lower  the water content the softer the lens is, this means GREAT COMFORT wearing and removing it with the ease of handling. All of my bestie tried, they were really scared cause it was their first time & now they really like it, their feedback was really good. So, if your a newbie ask for people who is pro at doing it. So check out the colours.

1st come 1st served ! Its limited item.. 

Cute & Easy Make Up For Teens By Dream Girl 4U2

Hai viewers, I'm back. So, every girl like pretty & cute stuff right? So, what say I share something to u. Scroll down & enjoy.
To be honest, I really like make up stuff. So, I search really hard for teens makeup & easy for me to bring any where. Then my mom notice that i really wanted to sell make up on my online store & her friend Aunt Faezah Suradi ask me to sell her make up, I was like really excited. I heard that i feel really excited & i can't wait for the sample.
Today on  22/10, i got the make up sample. I was like yeah. So i rushed to open the make up. Then I tried it & it look super pretty. I love it so much. Me & Kakak Tasha do a photo shoot about me + makeup. She does my makeup & i look like wow.  Thank u Kakak Tasha & thank u Aunt Faezah Suradi, I loved the make up so much. So, aren't u guys excited to try it out. 
So, I know u girls love it. Maybe birthday gift for anyone special like sister, friends or maybe girlfriend. It&…