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Little Addiena Growing.

HEY Lovelies. I wanted to tell a story about me while growing.So, don't forget to stay tune & share it to others. Hope u guys enjoy

I was born on 10th January 2003 5:48 p.m.. I'm really closed to mommy when i was young I was 5 years old until 6 years old. I'm a shy girl when at school. My school name is Smart Reader, Bukit Indah, Ampang. When i was a kid, Cartoons was the only thing i love. My FAV cartoon was Tom & Jerry, i never missed one of  the episode  but now i don't have time to watch it.

My first birthday party was at McDonald. All of my family come & celebrate. I was 3 years old . I was the only child & i was so happy that mommy &  daddy love me the only one.

 Mommy always bring me to grandma's house when i was little but mommy's grandma's died  when i was 3 years old. Even thought that i can't remember all the memory together but i know that she is a wonderful person like mommy's. My first family holiday together was at…


Hey viewer thank u for reading my blog. On  my next story i will be sharing about my mom's PA. They are so pretty & friendly. So, stay tune & share my story to others. ENJOY!

The 1st PA is NURUL FADHILA as i call her kak Dhila..She is so pretty & helpful. I love hanging out with her. She has been working with my mom since 2014. This year her age is 21, young right? When the first time i met her, i can see that she is a friendly person. So we became friend, she is a student that already graduate this year 2015.She is a smart & hardworking worker. She lives near my house , sometimes we hang out together. It so great to have a friend like her. On my school holiday she is the one who support me & teach me to make this blog. Hope she works with mommy till forever.

The 2th admin BIGDALE company is SITI NATASHA NABILA as i call her kak Tasha. She is a best friend to Kak Dhila. She works with mommy starting this year. She is so helpful, when i need help on my blog, she…

About My Family That Had Support Me All The Time

Hay lovelies, as u guys know that everyone in this world love their family right? So, I wanted to let all of my  lovelies to know  about my  family story. Don’t miss my story & share them to others.

Of course, mom is the first that I ‘m going to share her  story about. She is the second last  daughter  in  her  family .For me mommy sometime manja with us. This year she is 39 years old. Her birthday is on 1 January , her birthday is so important for me & easy for me to remember but every time her birthday I felt guilty cause I don’t have enough money to buy her present like 2015 my birthday, she bought me an instaxmini8 that I have been dreaming to have & she make my dream come true. She is also a very nice & caring person for me. There are a lot of reasons why I adore her so much & chose her as my “FAV PEOPLE”. If u guys didn’t know my mom’s name, her name is LENY .
Second people that I adore is my Daddy.DAD is also important for us cause he is so important in a fa…

Me experience to seat on an important exam for the first time.

Hey to all my Fabulous viewer. If u guys didn't know yet that i baru habis exam UPSR. Before exam memang stress lah, if u guys want to know how i concerns my stress don't miss my story.

So i stared to get nervous when end of the year 2014. I really started to get ready all year 6 books.OH, I forget, my school is SJK(C) Chung Hwa (P)Jalan Damai, Ampang. So, my school is a chines school, it's a challenging thing for me from the start. But for me, my mom & auntie that i call her ibu. They are the person that support me from the start. I LOVE THEM LOADS. 
When 2015 started, i have changed class with my 2014 class buddy, i felt really awkward cause i didn't know a lots of them. But it was just for a while, after month by month i felt that they were my family. I love my new friends & teachers cause they give me a lots of support before the EXAM but i also help them.
When the exam was like 2 months away, i felt the stress & nervous feeling. When every time i told …

Product for teens by ZARRA

HEY LOVELIES! I have a new product that is for teens that have skin problems.Anyone who wanted a beautiful , moister & whitening skin.How about u guys try this fabulous product. The name of this product is Magic Red.
I'm a user for this product.I felt the fresh & clean skin ,so if i felt it why can't u? For this cleanser is very good for teens that is active. Any type skins can use  it &  the good thing is, it is in set 4 in 1. Great right? 1 for cleanser . 2 toning. 3 Moisturizing. 4 whitening . My skin is getting totally different in a week.

 This product owner is Datin Zamzarina, she is one of my mom's friends. She also inspired me to become one of them ( business person ).I really like meeting her. Not only she is pretty but also friendly & smart. i like to follow mom to work cause i can meet a lot of amazing person. Especially Datin Zamzarina as i call her Aunty Zam.
As u guys know the icon of this product is Elizabeth Tan, Malaysian popular singer &…

Starting for the first time using blog for online store

So hey !                                                                

Basically i am a new blogger & a new young business girl. So on my blog u will know about daily fashion (Teens), tips for skin care & lots of girls stuff. This is so exciting for me, cause it's my dream k! i have been dreaming to have an online store for my self. This is only the start of my story, hope u guys enjoy.


Name : Addiena binti Aswad
Nickname: Diena
Age : (when i started this blog) 2015 -12 years old
D.O.B : 10 / 01/ 2003
Siblings : the oldest among two brothers
Mom: a single mother since 2013
Dad: we don t  stay together

I stared to like business cause my mom has been working as a business women since she gave birth to me.So for me , i have love business when primary school. For me i have grown up not so rich or poor family.
In my live, they are up & down problems happen. I have always dream to be come like my mother oneday.
Even tho she is so sucessfulto me. She wil…