About My Family That Had Support Me All The Time

Hay lovelies, as u guys know that everyone in this world love their family right? So, I wanted to let all of my  lovelies to know  about my  family story. Don’t miss my story & share them to others.

Of course, mom is the first that I ‘m going to share her  story about. She is the second last  daughter  in  her  family .For me mommy sometime manja with us. This year she is 39 years old. Her birthday is on 1 January , her birthday is so important for me & easy for me to remember but every time her birthday I felt guilty cause I don’t have enough money to buy her present like 2015 my birthday, she bought me an instaxmini8 that I have been dreaming to have & she make my dream come true. She is also a very nice & caring person for me. There are a lot of reasons why I adore her so much & chose her as my “FAV PEOPLE”. If u guys didn’t know my mom’s name, her name is LENY .

Second people that I adore is my Daddy.DAD is also important for us cause he is so important in a family as Malaysian call them “Ketua Rumah. He is a hero for a girl that need  a dad’s protection. As my story I’m not living with my dad since 2013 sometimes I miss him, but now he is  42 years old. He works as  a photographer, he is  so cool cause he been all around the world to work. He wins a lot of “BEST PICTURE” as me & my family was the model. His works as a  photographer since  he  finish his study. I love him so much as I love both of my parents. Thank u Allah for giving me a Parent’s like them. OH, my hero name is ASWAD BIN YAHYA.

My annoying & playful brothers  are my best friend  ever, even thought  they are sometimes  really annoying but they are the best thing that ever to me. They always make me smile when I feeling down. They company me when I ‘m bored . There are a lot of memory together. So , let me introduce u to the little foxy bros. The oldest young brother is ADAM BIN ASWAD, he is 9 years old this year.  He memang  kuat berangan. Gila bola, gila selfie & gila games. The youngest is  ALIF BIN ASWAD. There’s no different in them, actually they beza  setahun je. So, they always  be together no matter what. People that met  them  “ingatkan kembar”? Hope u guys be my best bro like forever.

Not only  I  have this family, I have another family  but actually auntie & cousin yang paling rapat.  They took care of me & my brothers since I was little. Me &  my  cousin are really close. So , I really love them like my own family. Let start with my auntie that i call her ibu, She is my mom favourite sister cause she is a great cooker & a housewife. Her name is ROZAIMY .  Her husband is working as contractor. He is also a  great dad & uncle as i call him Ayah. I like riding his motorbike, he usually bring me & the others go for a swim at the river. BRRR. His name is TARMIZI BIN JAAFAR. They have 4 children , that is my cousins. The 1st child is KAKAK NUR  FADZLIN SHAKINAH BINTI TARMIZI as we all call her kakak EQIN, Now she is studying aircraft engineering , really smart & pretty. The 2th is ABANG MUHAMMAD ADIEB SHAKIRIEN BIN TARMIZI as we call him ABAMG YIEN. The 3th is MUHAMMAD ADIF SHAKIR BIN TARMIZI. I’m really close to him & his age is 9 years old like my brother. The youngest is NUR KASIH SHAKIRA BINTI TARMIZI. I really adore her , she is so cute & friendly. She is the only that always play with me & be my best girlfriend.


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