Hey viewer thank u for reading my blog. On  my next story i will be sharing about my mom's PA. They are so pretty & friendly. So, stay tune & share my story to others. ENJOY!

The 1st PA is NURUL FADHILA as i call her kak Dhila..She is so pretty & helpful. I love hanging out with her. She has been working with my mom since 2014. This year her age is 21, young right? When the first time i met her, i can see that she is a friendly person. So we became friend, she is a student that already graduate this year 2015.She is a smart & hardworking worker. She lives near my house , sometimes we hang out together. It so great to have a friend like her. On my school holiday she is the one who support me & teach me to make this blog. Hope she works with mommy till forever.

The 2th admin BIGDALE company is SITI NATASHA NABILA as i call her kak Tasha. She is a best friend to Kak Dhila. She works with mommy starting this year. She is so helpful, when i need help on my blog, she will be the heroin to help me. Even thought, we are hard to meet & only when school holiday but we can still hang out right?This year she is 21 years old & her birthday is on 28 April. She really loves Korea beauty care like Etude House & many more. She is really fashionable person. She helps me in all of my  blog. OH, she also has a blog call natashaneverland94.blogspot.com. Don't forget to view.

Thank u to both of them that helped me on my blog. Thank u to them, i can make my family proud & also chase my dream to become a business woman like mommy. Next cuti sekolah, kita buat blog sama-sama, really can't wait for the next school holiday. Thank u very much kak Tasha & kak Dhila hope we can hang out macam ni  lagi.

So thank u to all viewer for reading my blog & share them to others.Hope u Guys enjoy my blog & stay tune on more story. My story is my life. Hope u guys really enjoy all my blogs. More blogs coming soon stay tune.


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