Little Addiena Growing.

HEY Lovelies. I wanted to tell a story about me while growing.So, don't forget to stay tune & share it to others. Hope u guys enjoy

I was born on 10th January 2003 5:48 p.m.. I'm really closed to mommy when i was young I was 5 years old until 6 years old. I'm a shy girl when at school. My school name is Smart Reader, Bukit Indah, Ampang. When i was a kid, Cartoons was the only thing i love. My FAV cartoon was Tom & Jerry, i never missed one of  the episode  but now i don't have time to watch it.

My first birthday party was at McDonald. All of my family come & celebrate. I was 3 years old . I was the only child & i was so happy that mommy &  daddy love me the only one.

 Mommy always bring me to grandma's house when i was little but mommy's grandma's died  when i was 3 years old. Even thought that i can't remember all the memory together but i know that she is a wonderful person like mommy's. My first family holiday together was at Malacca. We went there for 3 days 2 night,me & my brothers was so excited to go for a holiday.

I was still manja with mommy & daddy. With my little " baby boo" & my bottle of milk.I stop drinking it when i was 7 years old. I was a little baby even thought I'm already like 6 years old. I'm a little baby girl.

For your information, I have been following mommy to work & I started to like all of this business stuff. Since i was in my mommy's tummy. I have always wondering how my mommy can be so strong to handle me & my little brothers. Mommy teach me to be a discipline person since i was a little toddler.But after a while, mommy had a new baby boy called Adam, it was so exciting for me  to had a  sibling but it was strange feeling that I'm going to be a sister. I'm also really close to Adam as he was my only sibling. after a year a new baby was born & it was a boy.his name is Alif. Yeahh!Now i have two little monkey brothers.

When i'm going to 7 years old. I was so excited to school at a big school. When my orientation day, i met a lot of new friends.They were all friendly & kind to me. My class was 1K. Last time i met a lots of chines friends instead Malay friends soo talkative the thing that love to school is the library. It had a lot of my Disney character story & i super love it. I was not that popular & smart
kid but i tried very hard until now.I really miss my funny & little me.

So hope u guys enjoy my blog & share them to others. This is me growing, so stay tune on my next story. I just need to promote my self, don't forget to follow me on instagram & share this blog to others.


  1. Addiena it is great to know your awesome Story. You are just same like when u still kids I think so. It is a very exciting and fabulous story!!!! Bye^=^.


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