Me experience to seat on an important exam for the first time.

Hey to all my Fabulous viewer. If u guys didn't know yet that i baru habis exam UPSR. Before exam memang stress lah, if u guys want to know how i concerns my stress don't miss my story.

So i stared to get nervous when end of the year 2014. I really started to get ready all year 6 books.OH, I forget, my school is SJK(C) Chung Hwa (P)Jalan Damai, Ampang. So, my school is a chines school, it's a challenging thing for me from the start. But for me, my mom & auntie that i call her ibu. They are the person that support me from the start. I LOVE THEM LOADS. 

When 2015 started, i have changed class with my 2014 class buddy, i felt really awkward cause i didn't know a lots of them. But it was just for a while, after month by month i felt that they were my family. I love my new friends & teachers cause they give me a lots of support before the EXAM but i also help them.

When the exam was like 2 months away, i felt the stress & nervous feeling. When every time i told my mom about this, she give me advise and relaxing story to calm me down. Some of the subject that i'm weak,my mom trained me to not embarrass to ask my teachers & friends. Maybe that is one of my tips .On my trial i got 3A over 7A. Alhamdulilah .But all the time, mommy & daddy always gave inspired talk before the exam.  So my stress feeling got a little OK. Actually for me, family is the one who will make us Happy & NOT feeling stress out. Alhamdulilah, on the day of exam, I'm not that nervous & i can answer all of the question.



Hope u guys enjoy & share my story too others. I would like to wish 'Good Luck to all next year student"& good luck to this year UPSR student hope u guys get good results. Hope i get 5A over  7A. Thank u to all teachers & friends that help me all this while. Thank u mommy for supporting me.  In this picture all of them are my UPSR buddy.


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