Starting for the first time using blog for online store

So hey !                                                                

Basically i am a new blogger & a new young business girl. So on my blog u will know about daily fashion (Teens), tips for skin care & lots of girls stuff. This is so exciting for me, cause it's my dream k! i have been dreaming to have an online store for my self. This is only the start of my story, hope u guys enjoy.


Name : Addiena binti Aswad
Nickname: Diena
Age : (when i started this blog) 2015 -12 years old
D.O.B : 10 / 01/ 2003
Siblings : the oldest among two brothers
Mom: a single mother since 2013
Dad: we don t  stay together

I stared to like business cause my mom has been working as a business women since she gave birth to me.So for me , i have love business when primary school. For me i have grown up not so rich or poor family.
In my live, they are up & down problems happen. I have always dream to be come like my mother oneday.
Even tho she is so sucessfulto me. She will be my idole now & forever.

On the age of 11 i have started with social media. I have always active on instagram. I stared to get serious on business when i saw a teen girl call Aisyah ( Cupcakeaisyah) . Sells a lot of fabulous stuff,           known as squishys, zoella beauty care & lots. She's so sucessful until newspaper wrote her articles. When everyone on instagram have thier on online store , why can't i try right? So when i told my mom about this she really i mean really agreed with me. I told her before my UPSR, she can't agree now until my examination is over. Now my exam is over, i'm at her office typing this article. Until now i really adore Cupcakeaisyah , she's like my secound i dole. Love u Cupcakeaisyah .

But , by my age 12, my mom stop doing business,
i don't know why but now she works as a publicist.
I got shock , but its my turn to be the next busniness
girl like +Cupcakeaisyah . Don't forgot to follow her if u haven't follow her. Follow me too in instagram be updating about the stuff that i going to sell.

I"m really need to have supporter. I hope that my blog can make a big change in my life. I 'm also not as fabulous. I 'm also a GEEK kind of girl. So hope that all the gilrs around the world , chase thier dreams.
   Thank for supporting me family, friends. love u guys loads                                                    

P/S hope +Cupcakeaisyah notice me

                                                                                she's so pretty right Cupcakeaisyah XD


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