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Pretty Pretty Eye Lens (Clearance)

Hello Viewer Lovers! Im back with good news for contact lens lover! I want to clear all stock lens with selling low price. if u purchase 3 item free postage and get a free gift from me. This lens originally from korea. Can use it for 1 - 3 month with proper care handling. The lower  the water content the softer the lens is, this means GREAT COMFORT wearing and removing it with the ease of handling. All of my bestie tried, they were really scared cause it was their first time & now they really like it, their feedback was really good. So, if your a newbie ask for people who is pro at doing it. So check out the colours.

1st come 1st served ! Its limited item.. 

Cute & Easy Make Up For Teens By Dream Girl 4U2

Hai viewers, I'm back. So, every girl like pretty & cute stuff right? So, what say I share something to u. Scroll down & enjoy.
To be honest, I really like make up stuff. So, I search really hard for teens makeup & easy for me to bring any where. Then my mom notice that i really wanted to sell make up on my online store & her friend Aunt Faezah Suradi ask me to sell her make up, I was like really excited. I heard that i feel really excited & i can't wait for the sample.
Today on  22/10, i got the make up sample. I was like yeah. So i rushed to open the make up. Then I tried it & it look super pretty. I love it so much. Me & Kakak Tasha do a photo shoot about me + makeup. She does my makeup & i look like wow.  Thank u Kakak Tasha & thank u Aunt Faezah Suradi, I loved the make up so much. So, aren't u guys excited to try it out. 
So, I know u girls love it. Maybe birthday gift for anyone special like sister, friends or maybe girlfriend. It&…

Haze in Malaysia

I'm back viewers, so sorry about not updating story. Well Malaysia air is covered by haze. So stay tune & share my story to others.
Malaysia was Okay before Sumatra jungle caught fire & the smoke is covering Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia. It was so bad, I was really sick when haze came to Malaysia. Like every mask was sold out. But i didn't bought one, i just ask my teacher & she give it to me. My house had like collection of masks. Malaysia API is 200+, it's a dangerous stage for people. Malaysia once been in API 280, I don't know how the people back there can survive cause now i'm already feel sick.
Starting from that i always check the news. Check if the schools are close or not. Cause they will give us last minute news about going to school. I fell really sad, cause i can't meet my friends & have any adventure. Plus, if kids go to school, they will be like really active & it's really not nice for their body cause they will spe…

Thank u for the fast feedback

Wow im soo impress with my fast feedback from my cust!. I will sell more cookies in the future .. Oh this is really-really good things to do. If i know it will be like now. I should do it before. I'm so exited rite now. hahaha. Thanks to everyone who support me from the start . Thank u to u too mommy. Love yaaa.

   Mummy said if i get good feedback and i can finish all my cookies she would add more cookies and more stuff for me to sell it. Well i almost finishing selling my cookies. Yahooo! I want sell more homemade cookies. More and more.
I can see happiness face. They really like my cookies thank you sooooo much. im appreciate ur kindness to buy my cookies. heee.. Hope u guys enjoy my story & don't forget them to others. Waiting more feedback, can't wait. Stay tune for more story.

Magic Water for teens

Hello viewers lover! Today i gonna show you something incredible. It is very nice and simple. It is 'Beauty Water ph 2.5'. Diena love something yang simple. Easy to carry everywhere. For sure boleh digunakan untuk perubatan example like bersihkan luka kecil dan alahan. The most things i like it, this product can remove all acne scar on my face. Anti penuaan. Can make my skin smooth and more moisture. Provide collagen into the skin. And can kill bacteria in 30 seconds. Amazing rite?? U know what, my lovely friend/bigsister/assistant are fanatic user. Her name kak Tasha. Baik orangnya. She love very much facial stuff. So until now she still use this product. almost 5 month she apply on her skin. She still use another product kind like cleanser , toner and other facial.
Beauty water
Acidic Water

u all can click t…

My Dream Phone

What's up guys. New story, don't miss. It's about me & phone. If u want to know why i don't have any phone, stay tune for more info about this story.
As u guys know, i don't give u guys my phone number cause i don't have any. So, I'm chasing my dream again, the dream is to have my own phone, using my own money. The thing is in KL, everyone have their own phone, tab, laptop, etc. I do have one, it's my laptop ( Dell). I use it in my mom's office.
I'm lying if i said that i have never got a phone right? Actually, I do but I lost it, I'm too young that time & i don't know how to keep my phone safe. The story started, when i forgot to charge my phone, on the next day i forgot where i put my phone. So me & my brother look everywhere but we could find it. I told my mom about this, she got really angry & make a deal with me, the deal was I need to get 5As for my UPSR.  It's a big deal for me, u know.  The smartphone was Sams…

My Experience First On TV.

Asalamualikum, If u guys still didn't know yet? I'm on TV last 2 days ( Saturday). It was the amazing thing that ever happen to me. I feel really grateful, to have a family that support me from the start. Actually, it's my dream to become famous. Now, i know dreams do come true & alhamdulilah i feel really confident. The topic that they interview me was young online store. As u guys now, I'm doing online business now. They were two young business online teens, that is same as me. The first one was Kak Alia, she is 23 years old, she is so freaking smart, she could answer all the question with confident. I really adore her. The second one is Abang Haffiz. He is 14 years old & sell product like me. They both are really friendly. I like them very much. Really hope we can work together. The best part was, they help me out, i kinda stop for a second like i was so freaking nervous. From here i have a lot of experience & i knew a lot new friends. They all were so …

Colourful Roll Stick Cookies

Hey, waiting for more story, here's one. It's about a homemade cookies from a 20 years old girl . Young right? But it taste really amazing & delicious. I'm not lying, seriously. So, if u guys still don't believe, what say u guys try it yourself & feed back me. So, stay tune & check them out.

 It only look delicious in all of this picture, but the taste is delicious then all of this picture. Let's try it out. The best price to get is here. Don't miss this chance. To order please check the " ways to contact me". The price is RM 12 include postage, the total of the cookies for one bottle is30pieces. COD Ampang will get special price. Don't forget, its delicious.

Ways To Contact Me

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Soft Toys & Cute Teddy Bears!!!!

Hello i'm back viewer! Today i want to promote soft toys. I know everyone love teddy bears and i do love it too. I'm selling many types  and size. you have a lots choice to choose. You can buy for someone special in your life like your mom, sister, friends or maybe girlfriend? hehehe. One more thing, every teddy bear price is different. Don't miss this chance. The best price we give u. Check them out.