Thank u for the fast feedback


       Wow im soo impress with my fast feedback from my cust!. I will sell more cookies in the future .. Oh this is really-really good things to do. If i know it will be like now. I should do it before. I'm so exited rite now. hahaha. Thanks to everyone who support me from the start . Thank u to u too mommy. Love yaaa.

   Mummy said if i get good feedback and i can finish all my cookies she would add more cookies and more stuff for me to sell it. Well i almost finishing selling my cookies. Yahooo! I want sell more homemade cookies. More and more.
I can see happiness face. They really like my cookies thank you sooooo much. im appreciate ur kindness to buy my cookies. heee.. Hope u guys enjoy my story & don't forget them to others. Waiting more feedback, can't wait. Stay tune for more story.


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