Cute & Easy Make Up For Teens By Dream Girl 4U2

Me & Kakak Diela make up's by Dream Girl.
Hai viewers, I'm back. So, every girl like pretty & cute stuff right? So, what say I share something to u. Scroll down & enjoy.

To be honest, I really like make up stuff. So, I search really hard for teens makeup & easy for me to bring any where. Then my mom notice that i really wanted to sell make up on my online store & her friend Aunt Faezah Suradi ask me to sell her make up, I was like really excited. I heard that i feel really excited & i can't wait for the sample.

Today on  22/10, i got the make up sample. I was like yeah. So i rushed to open the make up. Then I tried it & it look super pretty. I love it so much. Me & Kakak Tasha do a photo shoot about me + makeup. She does my makeup & i look like wow.  Thank u Kakak Tasha & thank u Aunt Faezah Suradi, I loved the make up so much. So, aren't u guys excited to try it out. 

Me & Make up be like.
So, I know u girls love it. Maybe birthday gift for anyone special like sister, friends or maybe girlfriend. It's really good for teen skin care & the make up smells really good. For more info about the make up Direct Message me on " Way to contact". If you guys wanted to know their FB page search 4U2 Malaysia.

Way to contact 
1. Facebook - Addiena Aswad
2. Instagram- A.ddienaa
3. Wechat- Addiena_10

So hope u guys enjoy my story & interested on it. Share them to your friends that are really in love with make up. They would be totally interested with it. So stay tune for more story. Don't forget to purchase. Addiena Sign Out.


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