Haze in Malaysia

I miss Malaysia. ( before the haze)
I'm back viewers, so sorry about not updating story. Well Malaysia air is covered by haze. So stay tune & share my story to others.

Malaysia was Okay before Sumatra jungle caught fire & the smoke is covering Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia. It was so bad, I was really sick when haze came to Malaysia. Like every mask was sold out. But i didn't bought one, i just ask my teacher & she give it to me. My house had like collection of masks. Malaysia API is 200+, it's a dangerous stage for people. Malaysia once been in API 280, I don't know how the people back there can survive cause now i'm already feel sick.

Starting from that i always check the news. Check if the schools are close or not. Cause they will give us last minute news about going to school. I fell really sad, cause i can't meet my friends & have any adventure. Plus, if kids go to school, they will be like really active & it's really not nice for their body cause they will spend more time outdoors. Cause my school has a final exam for 7 - 11 years old pupils, u guys are really lucky to have a bonus time to revision. So, good luck & get good results.
Malaysia Haze. U nearly can't see anything ( Haze Day)
But the bad news for me is, I'm going to graduate soon & a lot of thing that me & my friends haven't done yet. So, now we are not going to school, more paperwork coming soon. LOL.

So, to all my beloved viewers, please take good care of yourself & don't waste your time in outdoors. It's good for now if u keep your self lock & drink more plain water for your body, if u don't want  think about your body kay?  So, what say u give me really BIG help, share them to others & stay tune for more story. BYEEE


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