Colourful Roll Stick Cookies

Hey, waiting for more story, here's one. It's about a homemade cookies from a 20 years old girl . Young right? But it taste really amazing & delicious. I'm not lying, seriously. So, if u guys still don't believe, what say u guys try it yourself & feed back me. So, stay tune & check them out.

 It only look delicious in all of this picture, but the taste is delicious then all of this picture. Let's try it out. The best price to get is here. Don't miss this chance. To order please check the " ways to contact me". The price is RM 12 include postage, the total of the cookies for one bottle is30pieces. COD Ampang will get special price. Don't forget, its delicious.

Ways To Contact Me

1. Facebook - Addiena Aswad, Diela Sys or Natasha Lucvice 
2. Instagram - Addienaa , Dielasys or Nana.Shasha 
3. Wechat - Addiena_10, LeelyLouis_ or Dil870 


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