My Dream Phone

What's up guys. New story, don't miss. It's about me & phone. If u want to know why i don't have any phone, stay tune for more info about this story.

As u guys know, i don't give u guys my phone number cause i don't have any. So, I'm chasing my dream again, the dream is to have my own phone, using my own money. The thing is in KL, everyone have their own phone, tab, laptop, etc. I do have one, it's my laptop ( Dell). I use it in my mom's office.

I'm lying if i said that i have never got a phone right? Actually, I do but I lost it, I'm too young that time & i don't know how to keep my phone safe. The story started, when i forgot to charge my phone, on the next day i forgot where i put my phone. So me & my brother look everywhere but we could find it. I told my mom about this, she got really angry & make a deal with me, the deal was I need to get 5As for my UPSR. 
It's a big deal for me, u know.
 The smartphone was Samsung & for facts It was my first smartphone. Forgot, my dream phone was Iphone but if i don't have any rezeki, it's actually okay. I can find other smartphone.

I do have a lot of account known as well 
Facebook- Addiena Aswad
Instagram- Addienaa
Path- Addiena Aswad
Younow- Addiena Aswad
Wechat- Addiena_10 Addiena Aswad

Knowing that now I'm 12 years old, all of my buddys uses their own smartphone, in facts some of my friends uses my dream phone, bummer right?. Every time, if our school have any special event like teacher's day, they bring their own phone, but it's okay. Maybe one day i have my own phone. Ages like me, are really active on social media, it's kinda good that my mom guide me & take good care of social medias. I'm really glad cause everytime, my friends got a little fight, they always share it to whatsapp & tell the teachers about it. I heard it & fell annoying sometimes. But fuhh,  luckly
that i didn't get involved in their problems.
 Even a toddler have their own Ipad right?

So, can i write a quick note, hello to all of the people that i know, please do support me & make my dream come true, please purchase any item that u like. Your purchase can make a big change in my life. I really from all of your purchase can buy me a smartphone. Your support, are always I thanked. 

So hope u guys enjoy my story,  share them to others & it will make big change for me. Do share to all of your relatives & friends. Stay tune for more story .


  1. Comelnya Addiena, sabar ye, lagi bagus tak pegang phone umur macam ni, nanti besar sikit baru mami bagi. Hehehehe All the best UPSR, semoga dapat result best :)

  2. Addiena you is so good friend ever after.Although I'm not your first bff or maybe not Bff at all, I still think u is a very good friend ever Addiena!!!!!!! Love Ya! May Allah bless you!!!!!!!! Bye,再见!!!!


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