My Experience First On TV.

Selfie with my besties, thank u guys
Me on TV with some of my new buddys

Asalamualikum, If u guys still didn't know yet? I'm on TV last 2 days ( Saturday). It was the amazing thing that ever happen to me. I feel really grateful, to have a family that support me from the start. Actually, it's my dream to become famous. Now, i know dreams do come true & alhamdulilah i feel really confident. The topic that they interview me was young online store. As u guys now, I'm doing online business now. They were two young business online teens, that is same as me. The first one was Kak Alia, she is 23 years old, she is so freaking smart, she could answer all the question with confident. I really adore her. The second one is Abang Haffiz. He is 14 years old & sell product like me. They both are really friendly. I like them very much. Really hope we can work together. The best part was, they help me out, i kinda stop for a second like i was so freaking nervous. From here i have a lot of experience & i knew a lot new friends. They all were so friendly & nice. To be honest i was going to die of nervous but everything went well. It was my first time, so #nervoustummy. It was a fun day for me. Check my Instagram to see more picture. Instagram- Addienaa
With my best Aunt Zam

Hope u guys enjoy my story, share them to others. It was my first time & just so touched that all of my family & friends watch it. Thank u guys for the support. LOVE YA. Stay tune for more story.

See u guys till the next story. Stay tune


  1. u go girl..i know u can do it! u can be rich & famous if you work hard..dont forget to study hard!

    1. thank u mommy, love u too. muahhh

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. good luck addiena, u can follow my blog
    nice to meet u

    1. thank u, nice to meet u too. ok i will follow your blog


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