Pretty Pretty Eye Lens (Clearance)

Hello Viewer Lovers! Im back with good news for contact lens lover! I want to clear all stock lens with selling low price. if u purchase 3 item free postage and get a free gift from me. This lens originally from korea. Can use it for 1 - 3 month with proper care handling. The lower  the water content the softer the lens is, this means GREAT COMFORT wearing and removing it with the ease of handling. All of my bestie tried, they were really scared cause it was their first time & now they really like it, their feedback was really good. So, if your a newbie ask for people who is pro at doing it. So check out the colours.

me :)

Kak dila, kak tasha also mommy wearing this lens too.

1st come 1st served ! Its limited item.. 

CODE : 103
CODE : 104

CODE : 105

CODE : 107

CODE :  106

CODE : 108

CODE : 106
CODE : 110

CODE : 112

CODE : 113
CODE : 111
CODE : 114

CODE : 116

CODE : 117
CODE : 115


Price for 1 pair: RM 15.00 (not inc postage RM5.00)

2 pair : RM 38.00 (inc postage)
3 pair : RM 45.00 (free postage + free gift)

Ways To Contact
1. Facebook- Addiena Aswad
2. Instgram ( direct Message ) -  A.ddienaa
3. Wechat - Addiena_10

SMS or Whatsapp to:

010- 2741538 or 0192656687

give me ur:

Full Name:
Item Code:

I will give acc bank after approved ur order :D



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