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5 minutes to turn a Bad Day into a Good day!

Hello I'm back with a cool tips how to turn your bad day to a good day .So, basically everyone has a bad day & they don't know how to turn it into a good day. Their are 6 tips how to calm your self & make your bad day into your wonderful day. 
5 minutes to turn a Bad Day into a Good Day. PET YOUR PET             The next time your friend or siblings does something to make u mad, don't let them ruin your good              day just like that . Don't try to lose yourself in video games, trust me it will make u fell worst. Instead,             cuddle & play with your dog / cat , it will help you to become more relaxed.
    2.  START COUNTING               You were just blamed for something u didn't do & u just want to scream. You are just so mad.               A better idea? Counting? Let say, try taking a deep breath and start counting until 20. Count it               slowly it will make u feel better. It really surprised me how much it helps.      3…

My Primary Graduation :'')

Hello viewers, I'm back with a really meaning full story about me & my primary school.
As u guys know my primary school is SJK(C) Chung Hwa (P) . I been in that school for 6 years & I have a lot of meaning full memory but my graduation memory will always be my special's. That school is like my second house & all the teachers are like my second mom & dad. How could I not be sad knowing that I will leave that school. Maybe, my secondary school is beside my primary school & maybe i will visit there everyday but it will never be the same. All of the teacher teach me until my UPSR.  After the UPSR's over, I will never forget, how happy we were. 
I graduate on 20/ 12 / 2015, to be honest I miss them already. I watch our performance video over & over. Thinking about all the memory together. It really touched my heart. Sometimes, i feel like crying. I will show u guys some of the picture when I graduated.So hope u guys enjoy my graduation story, for more pic…

Make Up Class By 4U2.

Hi make up lovers, I have good news, 4U2 cosmetics Malaysia just had a makeup class for kids & teens. The program was so fun & amazing. They are teaching how to do basic & simply make ups for kids. 
For me, i guess 90% girls love make up & u can't find yourself the right make up, . They have the make up set that u are looking for. Check their facebook page for more info 4U2 Cosmetics Malaysia. or maybe check the "Ways To Contact"  If you guys thought that we only organised 1 program, don't worry we are doing more program soon. So stay update on my blog & check out all of the girls who join 4U2 program. 
Stay updated ,hope you guys enjoyed ,. Hope u guys are interested on it and also Share them to your makeup kinda friends they will be pleased . Till we meet again.

 Ways To Contact 1. Facebook- Addiena Aswad 2. Instagram ( Direct Message)- a.ddienaa 3. Wechat-Addiena_10