5 minutes to turn a Bad Day into a Good day!

   Hello I'm back with a cool tips how to turn your bad day to a good day .So, basically everyone has a bad day & they don't know how to turn it into a good day. Their are 6 tips how to calm your self & make your bad day into your wonderful day. 

5 minutes to turn a Bad Day into a Good Day.
            The next time your friend or siblings does something to make u mad, don't let them ruin your good 
            day just like that . Don't try to lose yourself in video games, trust me it will make u fell worst. Instead,
            cuddle & play with your dog / cat , it will help you to become more relaxed.

              You were just blamed for something u didn't do & u just want to scream. You are just so mad.
              A better idea? Counting? Let say, try taking a deep breath and start counting until 20. Count it
              slowly it will make u feel better. It really surprised me how much it helps.
                Your brother / sister ripped the page of your favorite book, the one that u almost finished reading
                 it. Everyone will get angry right & you just want to shout at your brother / sister. DON'T, it will 
                 make your day even worst. Better idea? Walk away is the best choice. Move your body can 
                help you burn off bad feelings & stress.
                You want to scream at your friend for not saving your seat at the school bus. DON'T! It will 
                 make your relationship with your friend become worst. Idea? Talk to your self! Stop and tell
                 yourself  "it's okay".You"ll will feel more calmer after a few minutes. 

                 Are u angry when your friend getting mad to you for no reason? The way to calmed it is to hear
                 your favorite tunes. It will make you feel wonderful. Listening to music can make u calm & relax.
                 You can get a chance to sleep better, too! 
      6. GIVE OR GET A HUG
                  When your final exam is next week! You haven't memorize anything! Stress out? Frustrates?
                  Find anyone to hug, like your mom, dad or your bestfriend! It will lower your stress level. So,
                   go find someone to hug.
So, hope u guys enjoy my tips & don't get to stress out. It will make around u sad & angry. Stay happy like this emoji beside XD
Have a happy day always & stay tune for more tips on my blog


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