Being Yourself Is The Best <3

So what's up guys, it's been awhile since I have been posting story's. I hope everyone's doing just fine XD
Well, as you can see from my title, I would like to share a little bit bout "how to be happy just by being yourself" <3

As you all know, teenagers are really into socializing on social medias. Therefore, they prefer to be what others like & what they dislike. Being happy because of doing what you love is the most precious gift ever. Okay cut to the chase I will describe how to be happy just by being you :-)

1. NEVER let the choice of others be the choice of yours
    Stop listening to what people wants you to do or wear. You have your own choice & do what you love. What people think about you doesn't matter as long as you're being yourself & doing what you love. Let them be & live your life, you deserve more than anything ;)

2. Be confidence
    "You're beautiful just the way you are" every girl deserved to be called pretty! If people tells you you're not pretty well for me their the ugly one for thinking that they  are much more prettier than you, just ignore them okay? Be around people that give you supports & love you just the way you are. Just stand straight princess or you're tiara's gonna fall xo <3

3. Jump, hop, dance when ever you feel like to!
     One of two ways to show that you're happy is by jumping around like a rabbit that just got a huge carrot ;p hahaha. If you're feel to dance shake it off by Taylor swift just do it. Let them see how happy you are by just dancing crazily. Who cares? As long as you're having the time of your life. Just ignore the one that LoVes to give negative comments & focus at the positives ones  <3

     It means whatever you do just take a chill pill ;) just stay calm & just do what you love to do. Forget the world & enjoy your life. Don't get too obsessed with gossips, just stop & shout out to the sky "IM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE"  trust me it's the best thing you can do ;D

I think that's all for now, I hope you enjoyed my story's & tips. Stay tune for more story's  coming your way. It will be a awesome way to share good vibes by sharing my blog to your love ones <3 follow me on to catch up more updates love ya & see you soon mwah 

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